Klokovo (ICAO: UUBT) is an airbase in Russia on north fringe of Tula. It’s a third-class air base, and is suitable for such planes as An-12, An-24, An-36, Yak-40 and the others. It has been home to 374 IMTAR flying Il-76 and An-22 large cargo planes.

A scholastic regiment of Tambov military aircraft school (L-29) was based there. The runway was used by the military together with a civil airport, which closed in 1992.

It’s famous for being a training base of Normandie-Niemen fighter squadron during the World War II.

The landscape in the Tula region is flat, with an elevation of 200 — 250 m above sea level. In July, the prevailing favorable weather conditions. Visibility of more than 10 kilometers. The average temperature in July: + 20 — 25 °C.

Estimated wind speed of 5.2 m / sec.